Digital Library

Imaging Center Logo ImageThe Digital Library department manages digitization for the Smithsonian Libraries' participation in the Biodiversity Heritage Library and our own Cultural Heritage Library project as well as special digitization projects of the Libraries' archival and manuscript material. We work closely with the Web Services department, Metadata Unit, and collections managers to produce all kinds of content for the Digital Library including online exhibitions, image collections, and of course our online books.

The Imaging Center provides high quality digital images for online display as well as gallery exhibition design and installation; print publications of the Institution; and other publication needs. The imaging center is the primary digitizer of all large-format (folio, map) materials held at the Libraries and scans all Smithsonian folio material destined for the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

Equipment List 10/2012

PhaseOne P65+ scanning back with DT RCam and Digital APO Lens System
used on a camera stand with strobe lighting

BC100 Book Capture System with two PhaseOne P40+ scanning backs angled glass platen and continuous LED lighting

Internet Archive Scribe

CaptureOne imaging software
Macaw metadata capture and workflow
Internet Archive biblio software

Golden Thread 


Smithsonian Libraries does most of it's mass-scanning in partnership with the Internet Archive.