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Adopted Books
[Articles and clippings relating to British railways]

[Articles and clippings relating to British railways]

Adoption Type: Preserve for the Future
Library: Smithsonian Libraries Research Annex

The Caledonian railway, or The Caley as it was fondly named, was a Scottish railway system that connected Scotland to London from the 1840’s until its dissolution in the 1920’s. This compilation of book excerpts, articles, news clippings, and advertisements chronicles and romanticizes the waning decades of the Caledonian Railway from the turn of the century until 1923 when The Caley was absorbed into the London, Midland, and Scottish Railway by The Railways Act of 1921, an act that streamlined 120 individual British railway systems into just four. Thomas Norrell is the author of this...

Adopted on March 5, 2017 by Barbara M. Barrett . View Bookplate
Marvellous Country

The marvellous country

By Samuel Woodworth Cozzens. Boston: Shepard and Gill, 1873.
Adoption Type: Build the Collection
Library: Dibner Library of the History of Science and Technology

Samuel Woodworth Cozzens (1834-1878) was a lawyer, and for a time United States district judge of Arizona. His published works include The Marvellous Country (Boston, 1876), The Young Trail-Hunters series, and Nobody's Husband (1878).  He travelled in Arizona during a relatively calm period of Apache activity, though he writes about several bloody episodes in the book. He met various prominent Arizonans such as the Penningtons on their way to Southern Arizona. and the legendary chief of the Chokonens, Cochise. This book a is a fabulous adventure featuring quite a...

Adopted on March 5, 2017 by Ed Sands in honor of Joseph Walker MacSpadden. View Bookplate
Cover of The Romance of the Colorado River

The romance of the Colorado River

By Frederick Samuel Dellenbaugh. New York, London : G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1903.
Adoption Type: Preserve for the Future
Library: National Museum of American History Library

In 1871, seventeen-year-old Fred Dellenbaugh, under the lead of Major John Wesley Powell, a Civil War hero and the first director of the Smithsonian’s Bureau of Ethnology, journeyed into the Grand Canyon and its subsidiary canyons and rivers with the intention of exploring, mapping, and recording descriptions of the uncharted territory. The men found themselves battling the great force of the Colorado River, with its fatal, quick rapids and mighty waterfalls. This is Dellenbaugh’s personal story, written thirty years after the great adventure. The volume includes twenty of the author’s...

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Cover of And Die in the West

And die in the west

By Paula Mitchell Marks. Norman, Okla: University of Oklahoma Press, 1996, c1989.
Adoption Type: Build the Collection
Library: National Museum of American History Library

In October 1881, Doc Holliday and the three Earp brothers had a shoot-out with the Clanton and McLaury brothers on a street in Tombstone, Arizona. The gunfight at the O.K. Corral has become the stuff of legends and the subject of numerous books and movies. This detailed history provides context and information not only about the gunfight itself but also about the booming town of Tombstone and its place in the overall history of the violent Western frontier. It includes photographs of the participants as well as of the site where it took place.

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Cover of A Century of Shoes

A century of shoes

By Angela Pattison and Nigel Cawthorne. Edison, N.J: Chartwell Books, c1997.
Adoption Type: Build the Collection
Library: National Museum of American History Library

This marvelous book puts its best foot forward, covering everything from profiles of famous contemporary shoe designers like Manolo Blahnik to historical insights and images of changing fashions in footwear. Platforms, boots, stilettos, sandals, and slippers – this book has them all. Volumes like this in the Costume collection at the National Museum of American History Library help clothing curators study shoes in the museum collections, but they also are used by other researchers to date artworks and photographs based on what the people pictured are wearing.

Adopted on March 5, 2017 by Erin Gonzalez in honor of Micaela Remos. View Bookplate
Bad Luck, Hot Rocks:  Conscience Letters and Photographs from the Petrified Forest

Bad Luck, Hot Rocks

By edited by Ryan Thompson and Phil Orr. Los Angeles, CA: Ice Plant , 2014.
Adoption Type: Build the Collection
Library: National Museum of Natural History Library

There is a commonly held superstition that illicitly removing specimens of petrified wood from Arizona's Petrified Forest National Park is bad luck. As a result, the National Park Service receives many of these returned rocks with “conscience letters” of regret from over the years. The letters have been carefully archived and the purloined samples are now in a “conscience pile” at the end of the park property. The rocks cannot be distributed on the park land as the exact provenance for each piece can never be known, and areas need to be kept as pristine as possible for future research. This...

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It's An Old Wild West Custom

It's An Old Wild West Custom

By Duncan Emrich. New York, Vanguard Press [1949]:
Adoption Type: Build the Collection
Library: American Art and Portrait Gallery Library

This book captures the colorful spirit of the American West in its history and quirks. Included are songs and stories, charts of brands used to mark cattle, and sketches of the boom and bust of the Old West. In one chapter, the author informs us that the Westerner left his names casually and naturally on the land and on each other, without ostentation. This led to names like Jerked Beef Butte or Rattlesnake Basin in Arizona, or nicknames for fellow cowboys like Crooked-Nose Pete and Three-Fingered Smith.  Duncan Emrich was a professor and collector of American folklore, once a ranch hand...

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Cover of Stagecoach Robbery in Arizona and Nevada

Stagecoach robbery in Arizona & Nevada

By R. Michael Wilson. [Arizona]: R. M. Wilson, c2012.
Adoption Type: Build the Collection
Library: National Postal Museum Library

This fascinating handbook discussing stagecoach robberies between 1864 and 1916 is over 200 pages long and is divided into two parts: Arizona (ten counties) and Nevada (fourteen counties). Each chapter reads like a police report, focusing mainly on the facts. For example, "prisoner #679 was assigned to cell #8 and described as 21 years of age, five feet eleven inches in height and one hundred fifty seven pounds with black hair and eyes. he could neither read or write." (p.139.) Each chapter answers the following questions: When did the incident occur? What was the stagecoach destination and...

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The Grand Canon District - Atlas - Sheet XV - Panorama from Point Sublime

Atlas to accompany the monograph on the Tertiary history of the Grand Canon district

By Clarence E. Dutton. Washington: United States Geological Survey, 1882.
Adoption Type: Build the Collection
Library: Joseph F. Cullman 3rd Library of Natural History

Led by Captain Clarence E. Dutton, the U.S. Geological Survey’s exploration of the Grand Canyon in the early 1880s resulted in a scientific text and this stunning over-sized folio atlas, considered the greatest book by any of the government surveys of the American West. The expedition included artist/archaeologist William Henry Holmes and the artist Thomas Moran. Three double-page, color-tinted lithographed plates by Holmes, when set together, form the magnificent “Panorama from Point Sublime.” In the bottom left corner Dutton is depicted leaning over Holmes as he sketches the view. Holmes...

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Cover of How the West Was Worn

How the West was worn

By Holly George-Warren and Michelle Freedman. New York: Harry N. Abrams ; in association with Autry Museum of Western Heritage, 2001.
Adoption Type: Build the Collection
Library: National Museum of American History Library

This volume on Western style encompasses everything from humble denim jeans to the fanciest rhinestone-covered cowboy costumes. Brimming with photos, it presents a history of the American West spanning its early days to the present, told through clothing. You’ll find a buckskin hunting shirt from the 1820s, Angora chaps worn by a Colorado cowboy in the 1920s, and a colorful gauze fiesta dress from the 1950s made by Thunderbird Fashions of Prescott, AZ. The book also highlights dazzling performance outfits from movie and music stars like Tom Mix, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Hank Williams, Patsy...

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