VAULT: Teen Council

Volunteer Advisory Group for Libraries by Teens


I See Wonder


WONDER, our mascot has been taken!
His book was a mess, there was a break in
We need your help, we’re all too shaken

Search the I See Wonder collections
From image to image find clues and directions
It’s up to you to make the connections

Start with our missing pal, the rhino
follow the trail and let us know 


[node:title] Start with WONDER's page, the rhinoceros, located in the Mammals Collection
[node:title] In the top left, click on the paperclip icon. If there is a 3 next to the paperclip, you know you are on track to finding a clue. Every I See Wonder image has 2 additional bits (notes and quiz) but clue images have a 3rd icon!


In the top left, click on the dropped pin icon. This will reveal the clue. Each clue directs you toward another image in the I See Wonder collection. On each image you will need to navigate to the dropped pin to find the clue

[node:title] Each image with a clue also has a bullseye icon imbedded on the image. This is to let you know you are on the right track and will reveal the above poem about WONDER missing. It is the same poem on every clue image. 
[node:title] Once you read the clue, click the window pane icon (the one on the left) on the bottom of the page to navigate back to the entire collection. Each collection only has one clue. Once you read your clue it is time to move on to the next collection. 
[node:title] To get back to all of the 22 collections and find your next clue, click on the Smithsonian Libraries name toward the top on the left. 
[node:title] Here you can see all of the collections. Hover over each one to see the name, this might be helpful in locating your next clue. Happy hunting, and help us find out #wheredidwondergo? 

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In its second year VAULT is a teen council comprised of dedicated high school students to advise Smithsonian Libraries on how to better engage with a teen audience. Members design and implement teen programming and build Smithsonian Libraries’ national outreach to a younger and more varied audience. During this process the council has opportunities to see what is behind the vault door in our library collections across the museums. Applications to join Winter and Spring 2017 sessions are posted below!

Look back over our #teentakeover on Instagram @SILibraries from summer 2016 and stay tuned for what we are bringing you this year! 

Image from Dibner Library Image from the Air and Space Library Image from African Art Library Image from Freer Sackler Library Image from American Art Library
Image from African Art Library Image from Air and Space Library Image from American History Library Image from Air and Space Library Image from Dibner Library