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  • African American Art & Culture Complex

    The African American Art and Culture Complex (AAACC) is a community based, 501©3 arts and cultural organization. Our mission is to empower our community through Afro-centric artistic and cultural expression, mediums, education and programming.

  • African American Art on the Internet
  • Art Access: African American Art

    The Art Institute of Chicago's collection of African American art provides a rich introduction to over 100 years of noted achievements in painting, sculpture, and printmaking. Ranging Chronologically from the Civil War era to the Harlem Renaissance and from the civil-rights struggles following World War II to the contemporary period, these works constitute a dynamic visual legacy.

  • The Black Renaissance in Washington D.C.


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General Interest Websites

  • African American Web Connection
  • African American World
  • Diverse Issues in Higher Education

    Formerly "Black Issues in Higher Education."

  • Little Africa expands the market for resources, products and services that cater to and empower African Americans. Founded in 1997, our business was inspired by the early 1900's affluent, all-black community in North Tulsa, Oklahoma which was once commonly referred to as "Black Wall Street" or "Little Africa". "Little Africa", which served as the home for several African American millionaires, was tragically bombed in 1921 -- marking the beginning of the end of one of the most successful models for economically empowered black communities in U.S. history.'s mission is to create a NEW community that takes advantage of the incredible potential of the Internet to economically empower African Americans.

  • Nia Online
  • The African American Experience

    An American Mosaic Online Resource The African American Experience (AAE) is a full-text digital resource exploring the history and culture of African Americans, as well as the greater Black Diaspora.

  • Understanding Cyberbullying in College


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