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Cover of "Astronomia nova aitiologetos [romanized]"

Astronomia nova aitiologetos [romanized]

Kepler, Johannes
G. Voegelinus]

5. First Two Laws

Cover of "Lettera per modo di discorso /"

Lettera per modo di discorso

Benedetti, Giovanni Battista
Appresse gl'heredi del Beuilacqua
Cover of "Machinæ coelestis pars prior[-posterior]"

Machinæ coelestis pars prior[-posterior] v 2

Hevelius, Johannes
Auctoris typis & sumptibus imprimebat S. Reiniger

10. Europe's Best Observatory

Cover of "Myths and marvels of astronomy /"

Myths and marvels of astronomy

Proctor, Richard A.
Chatto and Windus
Cover of "Sidereus nuncius"

Sidereus nuncius

Galilei, Galileo
Apud Thomam Baglionum

7. With the Telescope