Infinite Worlds

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Astronomers in the 1800s were mapping the sky and exploring the known boundaries of the universe, assisted by advances in telescopes and the invention of photography.  These discoveries reignited an age-old question: Could life exist on other worlds? The question of extraterrestrial life, at the time known as the “plurality of worlds” theory, was a hot topic of debate, and the emerging genre of science fiction took it even further, harnessing scientific thought to envision travel to Earth-like planets.

Cover of Les terres du ciel; voyage astronomique sur les autres mondes et description des conditions actuelles de la vie sur les diverses planètes du système

Les terres du ciel

Flammarion, Camille; Imprimerie Lemercier et cie,; E. Bernard et cie,
C. Marpon et E. Flammarion
Cover of Smith's illustrated astronomy - designed for the use of the public or common schools in the United States ; illustrated with numerous original diagram

Smith's illustrated astronomy

Smith, Asa
Published by Cady & Burgess ...
Cover of The adventures of Baron Munchausen

The adventures of Baron Munchausen

Doré, Gustave; Shore, T. Teignmouth
Cassell, Petter and Galpin
Cover of The moon hoax

The moon hoax

Locke, Richard Adams; Nicollet, J. N.
W. Gowans