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The Libraries has over seven thousand rare books, journals and manuscripts online on subjects ranging from advertising and aeronautics to zinc sculpture and Zuni cuisine, though the focus is on the broad topics of History and Culture, Art and Design, and Science and Technology. Over 30,000 volumes on Natural History and biodiversity are available through the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

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Collections in the Digital Library

The Libraries physical collections comprise 1.8 million books and manuscripts, along with over 400,000 pieces of ephemera, microfilm, photo collections and a/v material, housed in over 20 locations in Washington, Maryland, New York, and Panama. Search the collections in our catalog.

Our online collections include selected images from illustrated books, digitized drawings and photos, as well as indexes to some of our special collections such as art and artist vertical files, trade catalogs, postal history ephemera and more! 

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Exhibitions in the Digital Library

The Libraries has a history of producing both physical and online exhibitions that use our vast collections to delight and educate. Here you can find digital exhibitons from our past as well as an index of all physical exhibitions that the Libraries has produced over the years.

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