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Eskimo cook book cover page

Eskimo Cook Book

Anchorage, Alaska : Alaska Crippled Children's Association, [1952?].
Adoption Amount: $400   Adoption Type: Preserve for the Future
Library: John Wesley Powell Library of Anthropology

This 1952 cookbook began in an Inupiaq village just 20 miles south of the Arctic Circle as part of an elementary school classroom discussion of locally available native foods for good health.  The teacher’s request for each student to “bring in a recipe or little story of how mother cooked the meat, fish, or other foods used”  resulted in this booklet. Recipes share instructions on preparing indigenous plants and wildlife, from stink weed to polar bear and whale. Learn more about this cookbook and its contributors at the website: Read More
Bamana woman richly dressed

Esquisses Senegalaises

By P.-D Boilat. Paris: Karthala, c1984.
Adoption Amount: $250   Adoption Type: Build the Collection
Library: Warren M. Robbins Library, National Museum of African Art

Authentic early images of West Africans are rare—and quite sought after. David Boilat offers us just such a portfolio in Esquisses Sénégalaises, published in 1853. The twenty-four color plates are remarkable for their attention to details of clothing, jewelry, hair styles, skin color, and facial features. His accompanying text describes, with remarkable equanimity for his time period, pertinent customs and behaviors ranging from the admirable to the deplorable—all judged from the local point of view. For example, the richly dressed Bamana woman wears a head tie of fine... Read More
Wooden spoons from the Congo

Ethnographisch album van het stroomgebied van den Congo

By Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde (Netherlands). 's-Gravenhage: M. Nijhoff, 1904-1916.
Adoption Amount: $1,000   Adoption Type: Build the Collection
Library: Warren M. Robbins Library, National Museum of African Art

This illustrated album of Congolese art and material culture in the Rijks Ethnographische Museum is an exemplar of meticulous ethnographic documentation done in the early 20th century—the heyday of European ethnographic museums. The book features incredible illustrations of spoons—made of shell, wood, and ivory.  Some are anthropomorphic.  Some are highly ornamental.  Others are simple and utilitarian.  But all are painstakingly drawn, and reveal deeper insight into Congolese art. Read More
Man walking, running from Études de physiologie artistique ...

Etudes de Physiologie Artistique

By Etienne-Jules Marey. Paris: Societe d'editions scientifiques, 1893.
Adoption Amount: $500   Adoption Type: Preserve for the Future
Library: Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Library

“Movement is the most important act in that all functions borrow from one another to fulfill one another."  Etienne-Jules Marey English photographer Eadward Muybridge is famous for his pioneering work in studying animal and human motion in 1877-78, in which he used several cameras to capture frame- by-frame movements. French scientist Etienne-Jules Marey studied the early work of Muybridge’s galloping horses before deciding to include to photography in his own research into the flight of birds, exercise, and movement. Marey created the photographic rifle, which is a... Read More
Design for a lantern in Examples of ornamental metal work

Examples of Ornamental Metal Work

By Henry Shaw. London: Wm. Pickering, 1836.
Adoption Amount: $550   Adoption Type: Preserve for the Future
Library: Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Library

The Cooper Hewitt Library has a large collection of ornamental pattern books from all times periods that serve designers as an important means of inspiration. In this survey of metal work, English architectural draftsman, illuminator, and antiquary Henry Shaw (1800-1873) presents a variety of ornamental hardware designs for buildings. This book contains engravings of gates, lamps, chandeliers, hinges, stoves, doors, vents, and door knockers. Shaw’s attention to detail, pattern, and perspective make for a thoughtful investigation of these objects. These designs are from a variety... Read More
Cover of Excavations at Nebaj, Guatemala

Excavations at Nebaj, Guatemala

By A. Ledyard Smith and Alfred Kidder, With notes on the skeletal material by T. D.. Washington, DC: Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1951.
Adoption Amount: $550   Adoption Type: Preserve for the Future
Library: Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Library

This beautifully illustrated monograph describes the excavation and research of an ancient Ixil Maya Indian town in a Guatemalan valley. The archeologists involved in this project describe their field work and findings with scholarly attention to detail, but also with obvious enthusiasm for their discoveries. The Discussion chapter highlights their fascination with ongoing exploration to fill in the historical blanks. The drawings help the reader understand the great variety of artifacts, and their location within the excavation site. Black-and-white photographs provide... Read More
Family education and government- a discourse in the Choctaw language.

Family education and government: a discourse in the Choctaw language.

By L. S. Williams. Boston: Printed for the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, by Crocker & Brewster, 1835.
Adoption Amount: $1,200   Adoption Type: Build the Collection
Library: Joseph F. Cullman 3rd Library of Natural History

North American Indian languages have been a strong research interest at the Smithsonian virtually since its founding, and SI Libraries holds about 20 published texts in Choctaw, primarily grammars, glossaries, and translations of the Bible. The latter work is particularly interesting in that it seems to be a translation of an early 19th-century English pamphlet on domestic and social life, albeit within a strong religious context. Read More
Ferrets, Rabbits, and Rodents

Ferrets, rabbits, and rodents

By Quesenberry, Katherine (Ed). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier/Saunders, 2012.
Adoption Amount: $300   Adoption Type: Build the Collection
Library: National Zoological Park Library

This book details various health problems specific to small exotic mammals, as well as treatment protocols and surgical techniques that help correct the issues. It also includes other small exotic animals: sugar gliders and hedgehogs. It is beautifully illustrated with color photographs, handy charts and diagrams, and cross-references. Organized by animal, and then by body system within each animal, this is a concise and thorough guide to the medical care of these animals. It includes preventive medicine, diagnosis, surgery, and therapy; general care plus... Read More
Ficus genus Fig trees

Ficus Genus [Fig Trees]

By Carl Peter Thunberg. Upsaliæ: apud J. Edman, [1786].
Adoption Amount: $350   Adoption Type: Preserve for the Future
Library: Joseph F. Cullman 3rd Library of Natural History

Figs form an ancient pan-tropical genus of over 850 species of trees and shrubs that are keystone species in rainforest ecosystems. They may have been the first plant cultivated by humans and play an important role in all of the major religions of the world. They are the focus of this university dissertation written by Professor Carl Peter Thunberg. In 18th- and 19th-century Europe, professors wrote the dissertations; the student’s job was to explicate and defend it and pay for its publication. SIL holds dozens of these botanical and zoological papers by the great systematist Carl von... Read More
Title Page of Fifty Years in Chains

Fifty Years in Chains

By Charles Ball. New York: H. Dayton ; Indianapolis, Indiana : Dayton & Asher, 1858.
Adoption Amount: $250   Adoption Type: Build the Collection
Library: Dibner Library of the History of Science and Technology

Fifty years in chains: or, the life of an American slave is an abridged and unauthorized 1858 reprint of the 1836 Slavery in the United States: a narrative of the life and adventures of Charles Ball... . As one of the earliest slave narratives, its influence on later works is a well-established phenomenon.  Not only is Charles Ball's simply stated verbal account of his life an inspiring story of courage and perseverance, his observations described within of his experience with planters and slaveholders is a valuable primary resource for 19th century... Read More