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Beschreibung einer Elektrisir-Maschine und deren Gebrauch

Beschreibung einer Elektrisir-Maschine und deren Gebrauch

By Georg Christoph Schmidt. Berlin: Verlegts Gottlieb August Lange, 1778.
Adoption Amount: $1,450   Adoption Type: Build the Collection
Library: Dibner Library of the History of Science and Technology

Second, enlarged and corrected edition of this very scarce tract on the author's electricity machine handsomely illustrated on the folding plates. This machine was used in physics experiments and occasionally for medicinal purposes. Schmidt (1740-1811) is identified as the "court instrument maker" and wrote several additional works on electricity. Read More
Beschreibung eines Ellipsograph

Beschreibung eines Ellipsograph

By Georg Friedrich Parrot. Gotha: In der Ettingerschen Buchhandlung, 1794.
Adoption Amount: $800   Adoption Type: Build the Collection
Library: Dibner Library of the History of Science and Technology

A superb monograph on the theory, construction and use of a mechanical drawing device to describe ellipses. The author, Georg Friedrich Parrot (1767 – 1852) was a German scientist, the first rector of the Imperial University of Dorpat (University of Tartu), being elected by the University Council consisting of all chaired professors. In this capacity, Parrot skillfully fought for the academic freedom and the self-government of the university, protecting her from the political pressure of Baltic German barons who had been given the right to autonomously govern in the Baltic provinces. The... Read More
Bible   in Mohawk

Bible [in Mohawk]

[New York: Published by the Young Men's Bible Society of New-York, auxiliary to the Bible Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1836].
Adoption Amount: $4,500   Adoption Type: Build the Collection
Library: Joseph F. Cullman 3rd Library of Natural History

Native American languages have been a central research interest at the Smithsonian since the late 1800s when anthropologist John Wesley Powell founded the Bureau of American Ethnology and (who is he?) James C. Pilling compiled his still-authoritative bibliographies on Native American linguistic families. This volume contains the texts of 17 separately published books of the New Testament in Mohawk: the Gospel of St. John; the Acts of the Apostles; 14 Epistles of Paul, John, James, and Jude; and finally the Revelation of John. H.A. Hill, the translator of some of them, was a Mohawk... Read More
Book Cover

Bible History in the Sioux Indian Language

By Jerome Hunt. Fort Trotten, N.D: Printed at the Indian Mission, 1897.
Adoption Amount: $600   Adoption Type: Preserve for the Future
Library: John Wesley Powell Library of Anthropology

The introduction of print by Europeans to Native North America, which previously had a long rich oral tradition, is also the story of attempts to convert the Indians to Christianity. In their efforts to do so, missionaries relied on Native people to teach them the language and to assist them in the translation and printing of bible passages, hymns, prayers, and liturgies. This book is an example of that. The writer and translator, Reverend Jerome Hunt, spent more than 50 years as a priest, largely with the Sioux in North Dakota. This volume includes a rich history of the Bible,... Read More
Cover of Biggle Orchard Book: Fruit and Orchard Gleanings from Bough to Basket

Biggle Orchard Book

By Jacob Biggle. Philadelphia: W. Atkinson Co, 1911.
Adoption Amount: $350   Adoption Type: Preserve for the Future
Library: Botany and Horticulture Library

This pocket-sized book is part of the Biggle Farm Library, a collection of numerous volumes that cover a gamut of agricultural topics from gardening to bee-keeping to raising pigs and horses. The author, Jacob Biggle, states that his book “aims to tell the inquiring reader just what he or she needs to know--no more, no less.”  He writes with a folksy wisdom covering all aspects of orchard care, incorporating sage advice from Harriet and Farmer Vincent. The book starts with advice about the proper planning and siting of an orchard, where he advises putting on “your thinking cap”... Read More


By David Burnie. New York: DK Pub, 2012.
Adoption Amount: $300   Adoption Type: Build the Collection
Library: National Zoological Park Library

This field guide includes all of the major groups of birds worldwide with beautiful photographs of representatives of each family. Each page is full of detailed and useful information about the characteristics of each of the highlighted species – their unique taxonomy, range, habitat, size, nesting and migration habits, and similar species. The book also provides well-illustrated overviews of bird anatomy, flight, migration, and breeding habitats, as well as helpful advice about watching and identifying birds. It is an excellent guide to the identification and... Read More
Birth of the Cool - color portrait

Birth of the Cool

By Barkley L. Hendricks. Durham, NC: Nasher Museum of Art, c2008.
Adoption Amount: $500   Adoption Type: Build the Collection
Library: Smithsonian Libraries Research Annex

Birth of the Cool may be the coolest book you’ll ever see. In this 2008 exhibition catalog of his first retrospective, Barkley L. Hendricks distills black identity into powerful three-quarter and full-length portraits that teem with style and attitude. His sitters are unapologetic in their self-presentation, and the result is a phenomenal elevation of African Americans who would have otherwise gone unnoticed in the decades immediately following the civil rights movement. The title of this catalog, edited by Trevor Schoonmaker, stems from the iconic 1957 Miles Davis album that came to... Read More
Black American Heritage Through United States Postage Stamps

Black American Heritage Through United States Postage Stamps

By R. Charles Allen. Washington: Bridge Publications, c1979.
Adoption Amount: $250   Adoption Type: Build the Collection
Library: National Postal Museum Library

This thin, 26-paged booklet has both color portraits and black and white pencil sketches of prominent heroes of Black History. Written by three Black doctors, it was published in Washington, D.C. Part One is arranged in chronological order based on significant events in American history. For example, two Black heroes of the American Revolution (the first Blacks to fight at Bunker Hill), three Black heroes of the Civil Rights Movement, two Black heroes in education, one hero in literature, one scientist, and two heroes in the arts. Part Two covers significant subjects, such as the... Read More
Cover of the book Black and British

Black and British

By David Olusoga. London: Macmillan, 2016.
Adoption Amount: $250   Adoption Type: Build the Collection
Library: National Museum of African American History & Culture Library

'To me black history is everyone’s history. It's the long, often tragic and always surprising story of Britain’s relationship with Africa and her peoples, both here in Britain but also in Africa and across the Caribbean and North America, and most of it is little known. It’s a a major part of the story of us all.' --David Olusoga David Olusoga's spirited re-examination of a shared history, Black and British: A Forgotten History, was published to accompany the BBC Two series that debuted in Autumn 2016. Drawing on new genetic and genealogical research, original records, expert... Read More
Cover of Black gold

Black Gold

By Kenneth J. Kutz. Darien, CT: Gold Fever Pub, c1995.
Adoption Amount: $250   Adoption Type: Build the Collection
Library: National Postal Museum Library

Kenneth Kutz is the former President of Texasgulf Mining Corporation. He is also the former President of the Collectors Club of New York. The Collectors Club of New York was founded in 1896, making it one of the oldest existing philatelic societies in the United States. This book is about the philatelic history of oil. Stamps and covers (envelopes) are interwoven with postcard illustrations in chronological order of when the events depicted occurred. The book begins with Noah making the ark with coats of pitch. The book ends with a journey through World Wars One and Two... Read More