Geometriae pars universalis: inserviens quantitatum curvarum transmutationi & mensurae.

Geometriae pars universalis- inserviens quantitatum curvarum transmutationi & mensurae.
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Geometriae pars universalis

By James Gregory. Patavii: Typis Heredum Pauli Frambotti ..., 1668.

Bound with:

  • Gregory, James. Vera circuli et hyperbolae quadratura... Patavii: Typis heredum Pauli Frambotti ..., 1668.
  • Gregory, James. Exercitationes geometricae. Londini: Typis Guilielmi Godbid, & Impensis Mosis Pitt ..., anno 1668.

Three major works of Scottish mathematician and astronomer James Gregory, who discovered infinite series representations for a number of trigonometry functions, although he is mostly remembered for his description of the first practical reflecting telescope, now known as the Gregorian telescope. "Of British mathematicians of the seventeenth century Gregory was only excelled by Newton." (Gjertsen, Newton handbook, 245)

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