Georgii Trapezuntii In Claudii Ptolemaei Centum Aphorismos Commentarius

Georgii Trapezuntii In Claudii Ptolemaei centum aphorismos commentarius...
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Georgii Trapezuntii In Claudii Ptolemaei centum aphorismos commentarius : eiusdem, De antisciis, in quorum rationem fata sua reijcit. Item ab eodem, Cur astrologorum iudicia plerumque fallant. Nunc primùm omnia in lucem êdita. Additus est dialogus Ioannis Pontani, in quo doctissimè disputatur, quatenus credendum sit astrologiae ...

By George, of Trebizond, 1396-1486. Coloniae: Ioan. Gymnicus excudebat, Anno 1544.

A collection of notable works relating to astrology dealing with body condition, the soul, luck and accidents, and various medical topics all dealt with in terms of their relationship to the stars. The commentator, George Trebizond, a celebrated scholar, became professor of Greek at Venice around 1430 and was later appointed secretary to Pope Eugenius. He wrote numerouos commentaries and translated many Greek books into Latin.

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