Honkers and Shouters

Honkers and Shouters
by Arnold Shaw
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Cover of Honkers and Shouters

Honkers and shouters : the golden years of rhythm and blues

By Arnold Shaw. New York: Collier Books, 1978.

The author of this book, Arnold Shaw (1909–1989) was a songwriter, pianist, composer, and music publisher who wrote a dozen books on 20th century pop music, including two books on Frank Sinatra and a biography of African American pop sensation Harry Belafonte. He founded the Arnold Shaw Popular Music Research Center at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1985 and taught there for a decade. This 600-page long guide to the history of R&B has eight parts, with seven chapters each. Those chapters are broken out into 25 sections each, which are called grooves. Grooves list the singers by name. For example, East Coast R&B--Savoy Records--Johnny Otis. This book is an excellent resource for researchers, scholars, and curious minds alike. 

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