Kii Kumano Taiji-ura Hogei-shi

Kii Kumano Taiji-ura Hogei-shi
by Kumano Taiji-ura Hogei-shi Hensan I'inkai
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Two black and white whale illustrations from Kumano

Kii Kumano Taiji-ura hogei-shi

By Kumano Taiji-ura Hogei-shi Hensan I'inkai. Wakayama-ken Higashimuro-gun: Taji Suisan Senshū Gakkō, 1932.

In Japan, hunting with hand-thrown harpoons is thought to have begun around 1200 C.E. Organized open-boat whaling began in the 1570s, and by the early 1600s a fishery was established in Taiji based on a group-hunting system. This book documents the history of the methods, equipment, and targets of these centuries of activity, primarily right whales, humpbacks, and gray and fin whales. The 48 graceful illustrations in the book depict the whales themselves along with the whaling boats and equipment used over the centuries. The book is printed on double leaves folded at the fore-edge and stab-sewn in the Asian style.

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