North American Indian Costumes (1564-1950)

North American Indian costumes (1564-1950) v. 2
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North American Indian costumes (1564-1950), Vol. 2

By Oscar Brousse Jacobson. Nice, France: Editions d'Art C. Szwedzicki, 1952.

This portfolio volume (Vol. 2 of the work) contains 25 illustrations by the noted Native American artist Oscar Howe (Mazuha Hokshina). A Yanktonai Dakota artist trained at the Studio of Santa Fe Indian School, Dakota Wesleyan University, and University of Oklahoma. Howe is perhaps best known for his 1940s New Deal era Works Progress Administration (WPA) murals. Oscar Brousse Jacobson, a collector of Native American art and director of the University of Oklahoma's School of Art, provides a brief introductory essay on indigenous dress, along with lengthy captions for each plate, incorporating specific cultural and historical information. The plates were printed in the pochoir manner, which emphasizes Howe's clean lines and bright colors.  Note: Volume 1 of the work is available for adoption separately.

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