Oaxaca (wa-ha-ka) and The Saguaro (sa-wah-row) Cactus

Oaxaca (wa-ha-ka) and The Saguaro (sa-wah-row) Cactus
by Joe D'Ambrosio
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Oaxaca (wa-ha-ka) and the saguaro (sa-wah-row) cactus : (a twice-told tale)

By Joe D'Ambrosio. Phoenix, AZ: D'Ambrosio, 1996.

Book artist and engineer Joe D'Ambrosio wrote, printed, illustrated, signed, and bound just 125 editions of this book. The first twenty-five copies of the printing have a deluxe binding and additions such as extra hand-coloring, metallic inks, and feathers. This edition is one of the rare twenty-five. The text of the tale is letterpress printed in four colors on two different colors of confetti paper. There are wonderful illustrations throughout in a variety of media, including block-printing, onlay, and two pop-up illustrations: a pre-Columbian mask with real feathers and a feathered bird which really flies. These pop-ups are true engineering feats. This mint copy has a deluxe binding of brown Niger morocco with a cut-out in the shape of a saguaro cactus that reveals green paper underneath. It is housed in the original drop-back box. This beautiful book as art is a fascinating and effective way to retell an Aztec legend.

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