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S.M.S., no. 6, open portfolio with object laid out

S.M.S., No. 6

Preserve for the Future – $750
The S.M.S. portfolios were a collaboration between late Surrealist artists William Copley (friends with and gallerist to Dada artists Man Ray, Duchamp, Max Ernst, etc.) and Dmitri Petrov, which they published through their Letter Edged in Black Press. The project involved some of the most important...Read More
Tate Gallery, Seven Exhibitions, 1972, catalog

Seven Exhibitions

Preserve for the Future – $450
The Tate’s Seven Exhibitions (February 24–March 23, 1972) was a seminal event which marked the arrival of conceptual art in Britain. The seven overlapping exhibitions were organized by Michael Compton, and included works by Keith Arnatt, Michael Craig-Martin, Hamish Fulton, Bob Law, Bruce McLean,...Read More
Teresita Fernández: Wayfinding, cover

Teresita Fernández: Wayfinding

Build and Access the Collection – $250
This stunning book is the first comprehensive publication on the internationally renowned Cuban American artist Teresita Fernández. The idea of wayfinding—moving from place to place or even getting lost—is critical to understanding this artist’s body of work, which revolves around themes of...Read More

Western Art and the New Era

Preserve for the Future – $500
Katherine Dreier was a Progressive Era reformer, painter, writer, and collector, who focused her formidable zeal upon promoting international modern art in America. In 1920, with the aid of Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray, Dreier formed the Société Anonyme, Inc.: Museum of Modern Art: 1920, the...Read More
Wind & the Willows, Lawrence Weiner, cover

Wind & the Willows: Iron & Gold in the Air, Dust & Smoke on the Ground

Build and Access the Collection – $250
Lawrence Weiner is a conceptual artist who has used language as his primary medium since 1968, when he concluded that viewers could experience the same effect from reading a verbal description of his work as they could from viewing the work itself. Since that point, he has been best-known for his...Read More
Cover of Yayoi Kusama : I Who Have Arrived In Heaven

Yayoi Kusama

Build and Access the Collection – $250
This hardcover catalog features work from Yayoi Kusama’s critically acclaimed 2013 solo exhibition at David Zwirner, a celebrated contemporary art gallery in London. The exhibit marked the debut of the artist’s large-scale square-format acrylic on canvas paintings, which demonstrate her supreme...Read More
Cover of Yayoi Kusama : Pumpkins

Yayoi Kusama: Pumpkins

Build and Access the Collection – $250
"It seems that pumpkins do not inspire much respect. But I was enchanted by their charming and winsome form." Thus Yayoi Kusama explains her attraction to the humble pumpkin in the preface to the catalog of the 2014 exhibition Yayoi Kusama: Pumpkins at the Victoria Miro Gallery in London. Both the...Read More
Cover of Yayoi Kusama, white infinity nets

Yayoi Kusama: White Infinity Nets

Build and Access the Collection – $250
A catalog of the 2013 exhibition Yayoi Kusama: White Infinity Nets at the Victoria Miro Gallery in London, in which Kusama exclusively showed her recent white Infinity Net paintings. This book contains full color plates of the paintings; installation shots; details of Kusama’s thick, impasto semi-...Read More