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The Postal Services of the Gold Coast to 1901, cover

The Postal Services of the Gold Coast to 1901

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This book traces the history of postal services in the Gold Coast region of Africa (modern-day Ghana) from the European "discovery" of the region in 1471, to the end of the Ashanti War in 1901. The book includes beautiful color illustrations of "cancelled covers" (envelopes) throughout.Read More
Cover of Practical Gold-Mining

Practical Gold-Mining

Preserve for the Future – $650
Imagine that you are a Victorian gentleman with a reasonable income and a mid-life crisis. You hear about a gold strike somewhere in the far corners of the earth (to you, at least). In hopes of turning your bourgeois into gorgeois, you pack up your things and say "Toodle-oo" to the missus. What’s...Read More
The principles of harmony and contrast of colours,

The Principles of Harmony and Contrast of Colours

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Published in 1859, Michel Eugene Chevreul's (1786-1889) The Principles of Harmony and Contrast of Colours is considered a masterpiece in the science and exploration of color. A chemist who specialized in the study of animal fats and fatty acids, Chevreul is one of the 72 French engineers and...Read More
The principles of natural philosophy, in which is shewn the insufficiency of the present systems, to give us any just account of that science...

The Principles of Natural Philosophy

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An enquiry and attack on the scientific principles of Hobbes, Locke, Spinoza, and Descartes. Almost half of the book is devoted to light and colors, including the phenomenon of the rainbow, with a large chapter on sound. Green dismisses the Cartesian theory of light in favor of Newton's, which he...Read More
Psyche - Figures of non descript lepidopterous insects, or rare moths and butterflies from different parts of the world

Psyche : Figures of Non-Descript Lepidopterous Insects, or Rare Moths and Butterflies From Different Parts of the World

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Best known as a botanist and conchologist, Thomas Martyn (1735-1825) also published works on entomology. His Psyche is a famous — and famously rare — work, once thought to exist in only 10 copies, and while that number has been expanded to about 18, they are all different in the number of plates...Read More

Pyrite [Fool's Gold]

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David Rickard gives gold’s poor relation the royal treatment in this scholarly work on the mineral pyrite. Rickard presents both the social uses of pyrite—from historical accounts—and the scientific nature of the mineral. Whether a scientist is researching the history of an older piece of metalwork...Read More
The R.F.D. Golden Jubilee, cover

The R.F.D. Golden Jubilee

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This pocket-sized hardcover book was published in 1946—the 50-year anniversary of rural free delivery by the U.S. postal service. The advent of rural delivery service made a big difference in the lives of farmers. Before rural free delivery, many farmers had to travel long distances to pick up...Read More
Anatomical diagram of fossil fish jaws

Recherches Sur Les Poissons Fossiles

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Prehistoric fishes were a largely unexplored paleontological topic until Louis Aggassiz (1807-1873) published this ground-breaking work. The most comprehensive book on fossil fishes at the time, it names hundreds of new species, including two in honor of Mary Anning, the fossil hunter who...Read More
Cover of The Record of the Sub-Wealden Exploration

The Record of the Sub-Wealden Exploration

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The Weald of southeast England is likely one of the most geologically rich areas within the British Isles. Located between the chalk escarpments of the North and the South Downs, it has yielded many important fossils, including ones for the Baryonyx and Iguanodon dinosaurs. As part of the...Read More
Encyclopédie - t.10

Recueil de Planches, Sur les Sciences, les Arts Libéraux, et les Arts Méchaniques. Encyclopédie - t.10

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The Encyclopédie ou Dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers, par une Société de Gens de lettres was published under the direction of Diderot and d'Alembert, with 17 volumes of text and 11 volumes of plates between 1751 and 1772. Containing 74,000 articles written by more than...Read More