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S.M.S., no. 6, open portfolio with object laid out

S.M.S., No. 6

Preserve for the Future – $750
The S.M.S. portfolios were a collaboration between late Surrealist artists William Copley (friends with and gallerist to Dada artists Man Ray, Duchamp, Max Ernst, etc.) and Dmitri Petrov, which they published through their Letter Edged in Black Press. The project involved some of the most important...Read More
Samarkande - 20 compositions en couleurs dans le style oriental


Build and Access the Collection – $3,125
Emile-Allain Séguy (1877-1951) was one of the foremost French designers at the beginning of the 20th century, creating examples of ornamentation to inspire artists and designers based on the natural world, including flowers, foliage, crystals, insects, and animals. Working in both the Art Deco...Read More

Sancocho: Stories and Sketches of Panama

Build and Access the Collection – $600
This is a charming miscellany of sketches about Panamanian life by local authors, including Guillermo Andreve, Mario Marin Mirones, Samuel Lewis, Santiago McKay, Salomon Ponce Aguilera, Jose Huerta, Octavio Mendez Pereira, and Nacho Valdes. The quintessential comfort meal, the titular Sancocho, is...Read More
Sea Routes to the Gold Fields, cover

Sea Routes to the Gold Fields

Build and Access the Collection – $250
This book is a reprint of the original, so many of the black-and-white images are fuzzy. Nevertheless, it is a very exciting read. Many people assume that the prospectors who participated in the California Gold Rush traveled there overland from the eastern states. But it was actually a worldwide...Read More
Secrets of Ancient Gold

Secrets of Ancient Gold

Build and Access the Collection – $250
Published in 1989 by Trio, Secrets of Ancient Gold is a translation of Christiane Eluère’s Secrets de l’or Antique. Rich in color and black-and-white photographs and illustrations, Secrets is an accessible introduction which delves into the history of art created in gold, the artists who worked...Read More

Sermones Parati de Tempore et de Sanctis

Preserve for the Future – $2,500
This is a rare (only copy in America), first edition of a collection of sermons in Latin created by the Roman Catholic Church in the 15th century. More than likely, it was to provide standard, timely, and spiritual homilies appropriate to be performed at mass throughout the church year. Library...Read More
Tate Gallery, Seven Exhibitions, 1972, catalog

Seven Exhibitions

Preserve for the Future – $450
The Tate’s Seven Exhibitions (February 24–March 23, 1972) was a seminal event which marked the arrival of conceptual art in Britain. The seven overlapping exhibitions were organized by Michael Compton, and included works by Keith Arnatt, Michael Craig-Martin, Hamish Fulton, Bob Law, Bruce McLean,...Read More
Book Spine: Shrimps, lobsters, and crabs of the Atlantic Coast of the Eastern United States, Maine to Florida

Shrimps, Lobsters, and Crabs

Build and Access the Collection – $320
Many of us may think of Old Bay and/or butter when we think of shrimp, lobster, and crabs, but for the scientists at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC), these creatures are viewed as part of food webs, as ecological invaders, or as proxies for understanding ecosystem dynamics...Read More
Sinking of the "Titanic"

Sinking of The "Titanic"

Preserve for the Future – $750
How fast could you write a 300 page book? Sensationalist journalist Jay Henry Mowbray turned out this edition of Sinking of The "Titanic" (complete with illustrations and ready for sale) by May 11, 1912, less than one month after the ship struck that infamous iceberg. Speed puts this book into...Read More
Doug Aitken, Sleepwalkers: Fragments, Markings, and Images From the Making of Sleepwalkers, full box contents


Build and Access the Collection – $300
Los Angeles-based video artist Doug Aitken is known for his multi-screen environments projected onto iconic buildings, including the Smithsonian Institution’s Hirshhorn Museum in 2012. In the spring of 2007, Aitken premiered the video projection Sleepwalkers on seven facades of the Museum of Modern...Read More