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The Story of Metals, cover

The Story of Metals

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Searching for a book on the history of metals? Then look no further than John Wadsworth William Sullivan’s The Story of Metals. Published in 1951 by the American Society of Metals as part of the Series for Self-Education, The Story of Metals offers an accessible glimpse into the evolution of the...Read More
Frontispiece from The Structure of the Wool Fibre

The Structure of the Wool Fibre

Preserve for the Future – $850
F. H. Bowman’s The Structure of the Wool Fibre and Its Relation to the Use of Wool for Technical Purposes is a seminal text in the history of vocational and technical education in Great Britain and here in the United States. This book is part of a series that, for the first time, examined ...Read More
Signature in Sunrise at Bone Valley

Sunrise at Bone Valley

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"Pursuing the wonder of discovery" is an apt tagline for Frank A. Garcia. Despite having no formal education, Mr. Garcia has become one of America’s foremost paleontologists, discovering more than 30 previously unknown species (including two which were named after him). He slid down into...Read More
Detail image of colors and illustration of lichen

Svenska Lafvarnas Färghistoria

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Johan Peter Westring (1753-1833), a Swedish physician and lichenologist, studied under Linnaeus at the University of Uppsala and continued his botanical interests while practicing as a medical doctor. This book of his explored lichens’ potential usefulness as dyes for textiles, and the hand-colored...Read More
Svenska spindlar

Svenska Spindlar

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A member of the minor Swedish nobility, Clerck was a friend and correspondent of Linnaeus. He studied spiders, publishing his identifications and analyses in the present work along with observations on their behavior. In Swedish and Latin, it describes and illustrates 70 species and is a classic of...Read More
Synopsis methodica stirpium britannicarum.

Synopsis Methodica Stirpium Britannicarum

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Englishman John Ray (1627-1705) is considered by many to be the greatest naturalist of his day, and his works in the fields of botany and zoology are classics of pre-Linnean classification. The Synopsis methodica stirpium brittannicarum, in particular, was the standard botanical authority for many...Read More
Synopsis of the Accipitres (diurnal birds of prey).

Synopsis of the Accipitres (Diurnal Birds of Prey)

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Harry Kirke Swann (1871- 1926) was an ornithologist, author, bibliophile, book dealer, and publisher. Since 1921 he was the de facto owner of Wheldon and Wesley, the publishing and antiquarian book firm that attained a legendary status among natural-history book collectors (and served as the...Read More
Tavern of the Three Virtues, cover

The Tavern of the Three Virtues

Preserve for the Future – $700
Daniel Vierge (1851-1904) was a prolific illustrator, born in Spain and active in France. He suffered paralysis as a young man, and found drawing with his left hand to be therapeutic when he could not write or use his other limbs. His work was acclaimed, and he collaborated on book illustration...Read More
Teresita Fernández: Wayfinding, cover

Teresita Fernández: Wayfinding

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This stunning book is the first comprehensive publication on the internationally renowned Cuban American artist Teresita Fernández. The idea of wayfinding—moving from place to place or even getting lost—is critical to understanding this artist’s body of work, which revolves around themes of...Read More
Cover of Fannie Lou Hamer biography

This Little Light of Mine

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On August 31, 1962, Fannie Lou Hamer rode a bus with 17 other African Americans from her hometown of Ruleville to Indianola, Mississippi to register to vote. She was refused her legal right to register. When she returned home, she was fired by her employer and her family was thrown off the land...Read More