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Sonoran Desert Summer John Alcock

Sonoran Desert Summer

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John Alcock is a behavioral ecologist and professor at Arizona State University.  He writes in a very approachable style (similar to more popular and famous biologists like Stephen Jay Gould and E.O. Wilson) that splendidly reveals his passion and appreciation of desert life as a naturalist to...Read More

Specialized Catalogue of the Postage Stamps of Japan

Preserve for the Future – $350
The author of this booklet, Dr. Robert Miller Spaulding, Jr., aka “Dr. Bob,” was a 90-year-old professor of Japanese history at Oklahoma State University. Originally from Alabama and Mississippi, he briefly served as an Army Officer (like the librarian at the National Postal Museum, where this book...Read More
Spiral, cover


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In the lead up to 1963’s March on Washington, several of the decade’s most prominent African American artists joined together in a collective called Spiral. Their efforts culminated in a two-day exhibition in June of 1965. This catalogue is the record of that exhibition; it features an illustrated...Read More
Spirit of St. Louis, cover

The Spirit of St. Louis Commemorative Issue

Preserve for the Future – $950
This 1967 commemorative newspaper issue documented the 40th anniversary of Charles Lindbergh’s 1927 solo flight across the Atlantic in the Spirit of St. Louis monoplane. It features photos of a replica of the Spirit of St. Louis and of pilot Frank Tallman, cofounder of Tallmantz Aviation, which...Read More
The stamp-fiends' raid

The Stamp-Fiends' Raid

Preserve for the Future – $650
This is a humourous classic donated by the late philatelist George Townsend Turner, a Smithsonian curator. During his lifetime, George Turner had the largest private philatelic library in the world. The illustrations, called 'perpetrations,' are drawings rendered by the author and are...Read More
The Story of Metals, cover

The Story of Metals

Build and Access the Collection – $250
Searching for a book on the history of metals? Then look no further than John Wadsworth William Sullivan’s The Story of Metals. Published in 1951 by the American Society of Metals as part of the Series for Self-Education, The Story of Metals offers an accessible glimpse into the evolution of the...Read More
Frontispiece from The Structure of the Wool Fibre

The Structure of the Wool Fibre

Preserve for the Future – $850
F. H. Bowman’s The Structure of the Wool Fibre and Its Relation to the Use of Wool for Technical Purposes is a seminal text in the history of vocational and technical education in Great Britain and here in the United States. This book is part of a series that, for the first time, examined ...Read More
Signature in Sunrise at Bone Valley

Sunrise at Bone Valley

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"Pursuing the wonder of discovery" is an apt tagline for Frank A. Garcia. Despite having no formal education, Mr. Garcia has become one of America’s foremost paleontologists, discovering more than 30 previously unknown species (including two which were named after him). He slid down into...Read More
Detail image of colors and illustration of lichen

Svenska Lafvarnas Färghistoria

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Johan Peter Westring (1753-1833), a Swedish physician and lichenologist, studied under Linnaeus at the University of Uppsala and continued his botanical interests while practicing as a medical doctor. This book of his explored lichens’ potential usefulness as dyes for textiles, and the hand-colored...Read More
Svenska spindlar

Svenska Spindlar

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A member of the minor Swedish nobility, Clerck was a friend and correspondent of Linnaeus. He studied spiders, publishing his identifications and analyses in the present work along with observations on their behavior. In Swedish and Latin, it describes and illustrates 70 species and is a classic of...Read More