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Synopsis methodica stirpium britannicarum.

Synopsis Methodica Stirpium Britannicarum

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Englishman John Ray (1627-1705) is considered by many to be the greatest naturalist of his day, and his works in the fields of botany and zoology are classics of pre-Linnean classification. The Synopsis methodica stirpium brittannicarum, in particular, was the standard botanical authority for many...Read More
Synopsis of the Accipitres (diurnal birds of prey).

Synopsis of the Accipitres (Diurnal Birds of Prey)

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Harry Kirke Swann (1871- 1926) was an ornithologist, author, bibliophile, book dealer, and publisher. Since 1921 he was the de facto owner of Wheldon and Wesley, the publishing and antiquarian book firm that attained a legendary status among natural-history book collectors (and served as the...Read More
Tavern of the Three Virtues, cover

The Tavern of the Three Virtues

Preserve for the Future – $700
Daniel Vierge (1851-1904) was a prolific illustrator, born in Spain and active in France. He suffered paralysis as a young man, and found drawing with his left hand to be therapeutic when he could not write or use his other limbs. His work was acclaimed, and he collaborated on book illustration...Read More
Teresita Fernández: Wayfinding, cover

Teresita Fernández: Wayfinding

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This stunning book is the first comprehensive publication on the internationally renowned Cuban American artist Teresita Fernández. The idea of wayfinding—moving from place to place or even getting lost—is critical to understanding this artist’s body of work, which revolves around themes of...Read More
Cover of Fannie Lou Hamer biography

This Little Light of Mine

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On August 31, 1962, Fannie Lou Hamer rode a bus with 17 other African Americans from her hometown of Ruleville to Indianola, Mississippi to register to vote. She was refused her legal right to register. When she returned home, she was fired by her employer and her family was thrown off the land...Read More
Jerrie Mock World Flight

Three-eight Charlie

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Jerrie Mock was the first woman to fly solo in her own aircraft around the globe in 1964. Her story of that feat and her life as a pilot are part of her book. This copy includes her inscription and a child’s own note in the front pages. Jerrie Mock’s aircraft that she used to fly around the world...Read More
To Be Continued Unnoticed

To Be Continued Unnoticed

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Man Ray (1890-1976) was one of most important American modernist artists associated with both Dada and Surrealism. This catalog accompanied one of Man Ray's most important exhibitions in the United States and includes a signed lithograph. This copy is especially unique in that it is the artist's...Read More
Topographical description of the state of Ohio, Indiana Territory, and Louisiana.

Topographical Description of the State of Ohio, Indiana Territory, and Louisiana

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This book is of interest primarily for including the journal of Charles Le Raye, a fur trader who was purportedly captured by the Sioux on the upper Missouri River. It included descriptions of the Native American peoples whom he encountered and the animals of the region. The journal is actually a...Read More
Trattato della misura delle Fabbriche nel quale oltra la misura di tutte le superficie communi si da ancora la misura di tutte le specie di Volte...

Trattato della Misura delle Fabbriche

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A civil engineer, Alberti worked on projects in Umbria and Emilia and became famous for his two works on the mathematics of engineering, of which this is one. The book is an extensive and thorough guide to stereometry. It demonstrates the techniques for calculating volumes of all kinds of spaces,...Read More
Title page and frontispiece

Travels in the Interior of Brazil

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Author John Mawe, a dealer and expert in gems and minerals, was the first to reveal the full range of Brazil’s mineral wealth, which the Portuguese government kept closed to Europeans. Briefly detained as a spy in Montevideo, he reached Brazil and was given access to the inland mining districts,...Read More