"Series of 1941" wine revenue stamps of the United States of America

Series of 1941
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"Series of 1941" wine revenue stamps of the United States of America

By Ray W. Bidwell. [Andover, Conn.]: Ray W. Bidwell, 1965.

Signed by the author, this thin 40-paged booklet is full of tables, charts, and black and white images depicting wine stamps. Stamp collecting is frequently referred to as "the king of hobbies and the hobby of kings." Men and women worldwide strive to achieve a complete set of stamps. There is a stamp for every type of interest. This book is about wine revenue stamps. Wine revenue stamps were used to pay tax duties on proprietary goods such as alchohol and tobacco. These revenues helped fund the war effort during WWII. Wine stamp usage ended after 1954 and Revenue stamps were discontinued after 1967. This book details every denomination of the wine stamp, its value, frame sizes down the the millimeter, panes and sheets that they were printed on, and stamp errors in font size. Other factors that make the wine stamp valuable include age, place of issue, perforations, cancellations, number of copies printed, current condition, and demand.

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