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Blue roots

Blue Roots

Build the Collection - $250
At less than 200 pages, this small paperback book is filled with black and white photographs depicting Gullah life. Gullahs are the descendants of slaves, specifically from the Lowcountry regions of the United States, including Georgia and South Carolina. The author is from South Carolina Gullah...Read More
Title Page

The Curious Lore of Precious Stones

Build the Collection - $350
The subtitle of this fascinating book provides an excellent summary of the contents therein: “being a description of their sentiments and folklore, superstitions, symbolism, mysticism, use in medicine, protection, prevention, religion, and divination; crystal gazing, birthstones, luckystones and...Read More
The fairy mythology showing spine damage, and pages 96-97 in the Chapter "Dwarves or Trolls" including "Sir Thynne"

The Fairy Mythology

Preserve for the Future - $1,050
Irish author Thomas Keightley, who was active during the 19th century, is considered a pioneer in the field of modern folklore studies. In his groundbreaking work, "The Fairy Mythology," he concludes that similar myths developed in different locations spontaneously, in the vein of the Brothers...Read More
Image of the book Weather lore; a collection of proverbs, sayings, and rules concerning the weather

Weather Lore

Preserve for the Future - $850
Richard Inwards’ Weather Lore is a collection of proverbs, sayings, and quotations about the weather. With wide-ranging chapter titles such as Mists, Sound, Frost, Birds, Insects, Plants, Thermometer, and Spectroscope, Weather Lore captures the myriad ways that people have attempted to forecast...Read More