A Treatise on Brewing

A Treatise on Brewing
by Alexander Morrice
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Peter Tanico
on December 18, 2017
Title page of Morrice's 1802 book on home brewing

A treatise on brewing: wherein is exhibited the whole process of the art and mystery of brewing the various sorts of malt liquor ...

By Alexander Morrice. London: Printed by Knight and Compton for the Author, 1802.

Intended for both professional and home-brewers, in an era when most people did brew their own, this book was in such demand that it stayed in print for decades through the early 1800s and has become a classic in the history of brewing.  This copy is the 3rd edition, published in 1802. (The Libraries also holds the 5th edition from 1815.)  Alexander Morrice, himself a brewer in London, provides recipes and instructions for a wide variety of brews: porter, stout, amber, ale, beer, and more, along with a glossary of terms and technical discussions of tools and equipment. With the current popularity of homebrewing, this book remains relevant today, over two centuries since it was first published. 

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