Book Cases

 Top secret folder popping out of the library stacks

students during a Book Cases event

Book Cases are a new way to experience Smithsonian Libraries. These interactive Mystery Events were created with replicas of historic artifacts, images from ancient books, and innovative technology to create an immersive experience for curious people of all ages. Read the clues, find the missing links, and work with others to solve a mystery straight out of the Smithsonian Libraries’ stacks.   Each Book Cases
event centers on a unique theme, bringing young minds together to crack a case. Participants will use research, technology, and critical thinking skills to make sense of elaborate scenarios and puzzling clues.

book cases flyer

Register now for these upcoming events:

Potent Potions
Three wizard school professors are under a sinister spell. Can you reverse it?
November 4, 9am-12pm, Middle School Students (Register Now)
November 4, 1pm-4pm, High School Students (Register Now)

Strange Things
A curious librarian went missing when she uncovered a deep government secret. Can you find her?
November 5, 9am-12pm, Middle School Students (Register Now)
November 5, 1pm-4pm, High School Students (Register Now)