Rhino on a stack of cards coming out of a book
This summer, the Education Department is using Unstacked to build the Latinx Narratives Project, an innovative hands-on program serving nationwide learning sites.

What is Unstacked? Hosted by the Smithsonian’s Learning Lab digital resources, Unstacked is Smithsonian Libraries’ curated mini-collections of rich image-based artifacts on topics ranging from astronomy to marine life to the American experience. These high-quality, contextualized images are flexible enough to be incorporated into lesson plans for any classroom--or learning at home! The Unstacked collections are completely available online through Unstacked Digital.

Sometimes, education is better in a hands-on format. For this, we offer Unstacked Box, is an interactive tool that brings Unstacked off the screen and into your hands, employing intuitive technology and familiar touchstones through British startup Museum in a Box.  The Unstacked Box reads and interprets topical cards and 3D printed objects straight from the Unstacked collections, transforming a digital resource into an aural, tactile, and technological sensory experience. 

See the Unstacked Box in action in local DC elementary schools here:

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