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The Smithsonian Libraries has reached out to us at the Smithsonian Investigative League to solve another crime. Our Book Cases division is dedicated to all book and library-based mysteries. This one is a cold case, and we lost the trail over thirty-seven years ago. Strange things were afoot at the National Museum of American History back then, especially in the library. We have an eerie feeling about this one.

Should I Apply?
The Smithsonian Investigative League, Book Cases Division is recruiting new agents. Candidates should be enrolled in a DC public school, grades 6th-8th.  Prospective agents should have an interest in libraries, museums, mysteries, adventure, creative thinking, and collaborative team-work. The program is competitive, and a limited number of agents will be selected. Applications are DUE February 20, 2018.  

When is it?
We have a small window to crack this case. All the evidence will be available to us only on Friday, March 8th from 9:00am-3:00pm. Luckily this is a parent conference day, so all agents will be out of school.

What Should I Expect?
During the daylong investigation, we will work with the evidence in the American History Museum and Library to solve the case. Agents will be working closely together and are expected to bring their best creative thinking, because this one has stumped us. You will work up an appetite, so bring a hearty lunch!   

How Do I Apply?
Interested agents should fill out the following Smithsonian Investigative League Application, and submit it to along with all supplemental materials by the February 20th deadline. Applicants may be asked to attend a video interview with Smithsonian Investigative League Staff.  

What if I Have Questions?
Contact: Sara Cardello, Handler
Smithsonian Investigative League

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