Grace Kwami Sculpture

Grace Kwami Sculpture
Atta Kwami
London, 1993
Edition: 6/32
National Museum of African Art, purchase funds donated by Brian and Diane Leyden, 93-17-1

Atta Kwami’s Grace Kwami Sculpture pays homage to the artistic life-work of his mother, Grace Salome Kwami (1923–2006), who was an art teacher and an artist in various media, but preferred working in clay.  This uniquely bound book with its tri-folded pages unfolds and stands on its edge to resemble the eight legs of a spider.  The spider is an allusion to the Ananse tales that are so much a part of Asante oral tradition.  Ananse the spider is known for his cleverness and skill, apt metaphors for Kwami’s mother’s creativity.

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