Smithsonian Research Online Reaches 80,000 Items

Smithsonian Research Online, an ever-expanding collection of published scholarly work from Smithsonian staff, researchers and fellows, has added its 80,000th item.

Smithsonian Research Online represents what is believed to be 95% of the publications authored by the Smithsonian’s staff and academic appointees from the 1850s to present day, illustrating the research conducted through the history of the Institution. The program identifies approximately 2,500 books, chapters and articles written by Smithsonian scholars every year in the sciences and humanities

“The Smithsonian has a long history of documenting its research publications but the unification of this information in one place and its availability in digital form ensures a single source-of-record that can be used to showcase the depth and the variety of research accomplishments at the Institution,” says Alvin Hutchinson, Head, Information Services.

The collection is used in a variety of ways, including research evaluation and inclusion on individual scholar web pages. Additionally, the program compiles the full text of many of these publications and makes them available for search and download via its digital repository. The Smithsonian Libraries collaborates with research and curatorial staff from the Smithsonian Institution's 21 museums and nine research centers to ensure the preservation of this legacy and to provide world-wide access to this intellectual output.

As funding agencies – such as the federal government – begin to demand greater accessibility to the research outputs they sponsor, there will be an inevitable growth in both the publications and the underlying datasets collected and created by Smithsonian scholars. Smithsonian Research Online is in place to coordinate these efforts and to showcase the variety of scientific and historical inquiry taking place at the Institution.