About OneSearch

What is OneSearch?

OneSearch opens the digital front door to the Smithsonian Libraries’ resources and beyond. It offers a single search box that taps into a wide range of our research materials – the library catalog, journal and newspaper articles (many in full-text), databases, and much more. OneSearch also provides access to records and data from sources outside the Libraries’ collections. By bringing so many resources together in one place, OneSearch can help you easily find and access comprehensive research materials, saving time and increasing efficiency. Search smarter, not harder!

 OneSearch can help you:

  • Search across library resources using a single search interface.
  • Verify citations and find articles from scholarly journals.
  • Find keywords within the full text of thousands of books and journal articles.
  • Conduct an interdisciplinary search to find items inside and outside your area of expertise.

Advantages in using OneSearch:

  • Searching is fast, easy, and uses a familiar single-box interface.
  • Search results include items from many sources:  books, journal and newspaper articles, conference proceedings, dissertations, photos, multimedia, and much more.
  • Search results can be quickly narrowed by using facets and can be limited to scholarly or peer-reviewed sources with one click.
  • Searches can include materials that are not part of the Smithsonian Libraries' collections, but which can easily be requested through our interlibrary loan service.
  • OneSearch provides a search interface optimized for smart phones and tablets.
  • Citations in your search results can be viewed in some commonly used citation formats, exported to EndNote or other citation managers, emailed, and printed.

 But know that:

  • OneSearch includes many, many resources but not everything the Smithsonian Libraries offers.
  • Comprehensive searches on a topic still require using subject-specific databases.
  • Vague or short searches will return a very long list of results; searches using well-refined search terms or phrases in quotes will return fewer, more targeted results.

OneSearch Research Guide [PDF]