Smithsonian Research Online

Smithsonian Research Online (SRO) is a program to collect and manage publication data, and in some cases supplementary data and datasetsfor works created by Smithsonian staff and affiliates. It currently collects nearly 2500 publications per year.  Data stored in SRO is reused on many Smithsonian websites in order to showcase recent publications by specific authors or research units. Full text articles (or other publications) can also be submitted to SRO where they will be housed and managed in a stable repository.

With SRO you can:

  • Store your publications and their citations in a stable, managed repository and find them again.
  • Search for publications by year, Smithsonian unit, author, title or keyword
  • Reuse publication data on your website 
  • Request special reports for you or your unit on publication output or other metrics
  • Submit publication information (citations) directly via a simple form on the SI intranet
  • Submit corresponding full text articles to SI's publication repository by emailing or contacting your SRO departmental coordinator.
  • Get a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for your publication or dataset by emailing