Keri Thompson

Digital Library
Head, Digital Library Department

Manages the digital library portions of the website and collections digitization activities, as well as several collections-related databases. I am interested in mass digitization; linked data; open data; research data management; creating and then filling out incredibly long forms; semi-colons; and brewing beer. Occasionally I say something about one of those subjects on twitter, but mostly I just complain about filling out the forms.  

xkcd comic showing "time cost" strategy A vs. strategy B have a similar time cost, but "Analyzing whether strategy A or B is more efficient" has a much larger time cost. The reason I am so inefficient is the punchline. Contact me for questions about:
the website, particularly the Digital Library bits
our Tumblr 
library statistics and metrics

B.A. in Liberal Arts, major in East Asian Studies, Carleton College, 1992
MLIS, University of Maryland, College Park, 2004