Martin R. Kalfatovic

Associate Director, Digital Programs & Initiatives and Program Director, BHL

Associate Director, Smithsonian Libraries and Program Director, The Biodiversity Heritage Library

Twenty years of progressively complex work in digital libraries and information technology with a focus on the areas of information management, data access, and digitization. Work experience located in a major museum complex. Significant experience in cultivation of donors, corporate and institutional giving, building national and international partnerships in both the private and public sectors, and the development of online and social media development projects. Research interests include transformational elements of new media technologies on traditional research, publishing and learning models, and associated metrics for scholarly communication.

As Associate Director, Digital Programs and Initiatives Division, manage all aspects of the Smithsonian Libraries digital library program and work across boundaries in strategic planning activities. Major duties include supervision of Web Services Department, Information Services Department, Scholarly communication and evaluation metrics, Product Development and Licensing, and Digital Imaging. Serve as the key unit contact point both within the Institution and at a national and international level for all digital library activities.

Serves as Program Director, Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) which functions as the executive director and manager of the international consortium of seventeen natural history, botanical garden, government, and university libraries engaged in the mass digitization of taxonomic literature. Coordinates developments of global nodes at the national and regional level. The position also serves as a key contact for government, NGO, and academic leaders at both the national and international level. 

Current research interests include linked data, taxonomic intelligence and other analysis tools; and the data curation and related issues that surround the publication of Smithsonian Contributions and Studies series in an electronic format.He is a frequent contributor of articles and reviews and the author of three books, “Creating a Winning Online Exhibition: A Guide for Libraries, Archives, and Museums”, “The Fine Arts Projects of the New Deal: An Annotated Bibliography”, “Nile Notes of a Howadji: A Bibliography of Travelers' Tales from Egypt, from the Earliest time to 1918”. He earned his MSLS from SLIS at the Catholic University of America in 1990. He can be found on twitter @udcmrk and maintains a blog at UDC793. He has an inordinate fondness for dodos.” 

Articles and Slides

Selected Publications and Presentations

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Recent Presentations

  • The Nature of Illumination: Cultural Heritage and the Technology of Culture. Cultural Heritage Information Management Forum. The Catholic University of America. Washington, DC. 5 June 2015
  • African Digital Libraries in Global Content: The Biodiversity Heritage Library Model. With Anne-Lise Fourie, ICADLA-4. Accra, Ghana, 28 May 2015
  • For the Increase and Diffusion of Knowledge: Supporting Increased Public Access to Federally Funded Publications and Digital Research Materials. CNI Spring 2015 Meeting. Seattle, 13 April 2015.
  • Digitization in Support of Services @ Smithsonian Libraries. Smithsonian Libraries Advisory Board Orientation. Washington, DC. 5 May 2014.
  • A National Digital Platform: Tools for Innovation. IMLS Focus. New York Public Library. 29 April 2014.
  • Building for Demand: The Growth of the Biodiversity Heritage Library. 2014 EOD Conference. Innsbruck, Austria. 11 April 2014.


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Book Chapters

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