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Alcove. France, circa 1930. Eugene Printz, designer.

Alcove. Paris, circa 1932. Eugene Printz, designer.

Armchair. France, 1931.Satin upholstery, dark palm wood legs. Eugène Printz , designer.

Bedroom. Paris, circa 1925. Eugene Printz, designer.

Bedroom. Paris, circa 1925. Eugene Printz, designer.

Boudoir lamp. France, circa 1931. Treated colored glass. Eugene Printz, designer.

Ceiling light. France, circa 1925. Circular fixture in ceiling niche. Eugéne Printz, designer.

Chandelier. France, n.d. Eugene Printz, designer.

Dining Room. Paris, 1929. Eugene Printz, decorator.

Dressing Room. Paris, circa 1930. Eugene Printz, designer.

Dressing table and stool. France, 1930. Clear glass and polished metal. Eugéne Printz, designer.

Fireplace. France, circa 1930. Marble. Eugène Printz, designer.

Folding table. France, circa 1925. Kekwood folds into a square. Eugéne Printz, designer.

Morris-type chair. France, 1925-30. Satin upholstery, wood frame. Eugène Printz , designer.

Morris-type chair. France, 1931. Wood with velour upholstery. Eugène Printz , designer.

Round library table. France, 1925-35. Palmwood and metal legs. Eugéne Printz, designer.

Storefront. Paris, 1928. Shop iof Eugene printz, interior decoartor and seigner. Metal faced façade vitrines. Le Surque, architect.

Table.France, 1930. Polished wood and glass. Eugéne Printz, designer.

Tiered table. France, circa 1928. Pickled, black stained wood, polished tubular metal. Eugéne Printz

Wall light. Paris, circa 1925-35. Eugene Printz, designer.