Afro-Americans in Dentistry

Cover of Afro-Americans in Dentistry
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Afro-Americans in dentistry : sequence and consequence of events

By Clifton O. Dummett and Lois Doyle Dummett. Los Angeles: C. Dummett, c1978.

African American dental practices were first documented in 18th century when dentistry was a crude trade learned by apprenticeship to perform necessary extractions. Extramural dentistry is the practice of exercising dental expertise outside of the institution and bringing dental care and education into the community. In this book, Clifton Orrin Dummett, D.D.S. and Lois Doyle Dummett, B.A. thread together the dental milestones and contributions in African American history. Their overview addresses such issues as race, segregation, education, and how community dentistry is a uniquely African American concept born out of a desire to tend to their own marginalized communities. Afro-Americans in Dentistry is the Dummetts' contribution to that living history. Though published in 1978, this book is scarce. There are about 50 copies held in universities and institutions across the country and there are no copies currently available for purchase in the used book trade.

Condition and Treatment: 

This book is a late-20th century volume. The glue of the perfect binding has failed and the pages are falling out.  Conservators will remove the old glue and replace with a flexible, modern glue. The original covers will be retained and a custom 4-flap enclosure created to protect this volume.

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