Algorithmus Linealis Numeratione[m]

Algorithmus linealis numerationem additionem subtractionem duplationem, mediationem, multiplicationem, divisionem, et progessionem una cum regula de tri per stringens.
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Algorithmus linealis numeratione[m] additionem subtractione[m], duplatione[m], mediatione[m], m[u]ltiplicationem, diuisione[m] et progressionem : una cu[m] regula de tri p[er] stringe[n]s

By Heinrich Auerbach. Leipzig: Impressum Liptzk p[er] ... Martinu[m] Lanssburgk Herbipolensem ..., 1512.

One of the earliest treatises on calculation by the aid of counters on an abacus. In the dedication, Heinrich Stromer von Auerbach (1482-1542) refers to Aristotle and Boethius. There is a brief introduction on the use of counters or projectiles, then the work covers addition, subtraction, duplication, mediation, multiplication, division, progression, and the rule of three.

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