The Assay of Gold and Silver Wares

The Assay of Gold and Silver Wares, spine
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The assay of gold and silver wares; an account of the laws relating to the standards and marks, and of the existing assay offices

By Arthur Ryland. London: Smith, Elder, 1852.

Printed by John Edward Taylor in 1852, Arthur Ryland’s (1807-1877) Assay of Gold and Silver Wares provides insight on the development of legislative practices designed to protect and regulate the assaying and minting of gold and silver coinage—or to fight against the practice of counterfeiting. Ryland examines assaying practices in England, Ireland, and Scotland, and explores legislation and laws designed to protect lawful coinage and to punish individuals found guilty of counterfeiting.

Condition and Treatment: 

This is a mid-19th century green cloth publisher's binding. The covers are blind stamped, and the spine is blind and gold stamped. The front cover is detached, with all five of the sewing cords broken. The sewing has failed. The spine is also torn at the headcap.  Conservators will remove the case and repair the torn spine. The sections of the book will be cleaned of residual glue and resewn, adding new endpapers. The resewn textblock will then be cased into the repaired cover.

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