Eine Gläserne Flinte und Zugleich Nüzliche Bergwerksmaschiene

Eine gläserne Flinte und zugleich nüzliche Bergwerksmaschiene...
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Eine gläserne Flinte und zugleich nüzliche Bergwerksmaschine

By Joseph Maximilian von Lütgendorf. Regensburg: Mit Breitfeldischen Schriften, [ca. 1810].

This fugitive promotional piece advertises the author's invention, a portable electric lighter, which he designed for mining and smelting but which had much broader uses. The lighter is considered in the literature of the history of science the first electric household appliance. A German pioneer of ballooning, Lütgendorf conducted a wide range of electrical experiments and improved on Volta's advances on the electrical lighter. The illustrations show details of the author's innovations, particularly to the water clock.

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