The Lost Artwork of Hollywood

Whether romantic farces in black-and-white or western epics in Technicolor, movies from Hollywood's golden age were introduced to the world by entrancing posters. The Lost Artwork of Hollywood is a tribute to the illustrators and artists who created posters and other promotional materials to spark the imagination of the public. Focusing on movies of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, the book contains over 100 images from film promotional materials, many of them full-page reproductions.

Compliments of Standard Rice Company, Inc., Millers of Rice Since 1902

This promotional recipe booklet is a striking adverstisment for White House Cereals.  Most likely published in the late 1930's, the front cover is fashioned as a 3-D commercial food carton while the back cover displays their full product line.  Bright yellow and die-cut, this booklet was intended as an eye-catching calling card.  Die-cutting dates back to the Victorian era when industrial machines could mass-produce and print the same attractive shapes over and over again, like the celebrated Victorian-era Valentines.