The Candy Bombers

In 1948, West Berliners were suffering and hungry, existing on food rations transported by trucks, trains, and barges primarily by the occupying American forces. The Russians, trying to control the divided city, blockaded the transports on June 24, 1948, and American and British pilots risked their lives to airlift in 4.6 billion pounds of food and supplies until the blockade was lifted almost one year later in May 1949. USAF pilot Gail Halvorsen won Berliners' hearts by secretly dropping his and his buddies' candy rations by parachute into the waiting hands of the city's children.

A Special Study of Operation "Vittles"

Also known as the Berlin Airlift, this study examines how Allied troops used air corridors to deliver fuel, food, and other supplies to West Berlin during "Operation Vittles."  This special issue of the Aviation Operations (April 1949) was owned by former Congressman Carl Vinson.  Carl Vinson (November 18, 1883 – June 1, 1981) was a United States Representative from Georgia (D-Ga.).