Hlavou Proti Zdi

Czech born Ladislav Sutnar (1897-1976) is a well known graphic designer, but who knew that he also produced fine book bindings? Issued by the Cooperative Work collective headed by Sutnar in Prague in the 1930’s, this special full leather binding was designed by Sutnar himself. At extra cost, Cooperative Work would supply special bindings; this book with the same Sutnar design was available bound in green cloth-covered boards stamped in black and silver.

Notes et Souvenirs sur Charles Méryon

Charles Méryon (1821 –1868) was a French artist and poet who worked almost entirely in etching, as he suffered from colour blindness. Although now little-known in the English-speaking world, he is generally recognized as the most significant etcher of 19th century France. He wrote in verses which were designed to be published alongside his images, expressing the thoughts and feelings the subjects aroused in his mind, and considered himself a poet.

African-American Pioneers in Anthropology

This book highlights the lives, works, and accomplishments of African American scholars in recent history whose work is influential in the field of anthropology. The contributions of these scholars vary, ranging from the cultural impacts of Zora Neale Hurston’s field works and writings to Caroline Bond Day and her research in physical anthropology. Each chapter focuses on a specific person, discussing both their biography and their scholarly work.