The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table

This collection of Yankee essays by beloved American author Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. was originally published in The Atlantic Monthly in 1857, a magazine that Holmes named.  Eventually published in book form, this second edition copy is about as American as apple pie with a side of New England cheddar.  Published in Boston in 1859, it still boasts its original, austere, American publishers' cloth binding typical of the mid-19th century.  The essays are "dramedy" vignettes about a fictional Boston boardinghouse and the breakfast conversations among residents therein.

Eggs: Facts and Fancies About Them

Anna Barrows, a pioneer in home economics education, compiled this small book of recipes, superstitions and legends, medicinal uses, and other cultural associations of the egg.  Her goal was to promote the use and expand the production of eggs.  This little book is full of tidbits of information about the egg and its presence in human history: from tips on ways to use eggs in daily life - though maybe scientifically suspect these days (“The whole of a raw egg…rubbed into the hair occasionally to stimulate its growth and prevent falling off”), to the chemical properties of eggs used in manuf