Baker's Best Chocolate Recipes

Baker's Chocolate in Dorcester, Massachusetts was in business more than 150 years before Baker's best chocolate recipes was published.  Baker's became a division of General Mills in 1927 and this booklet published in 1932, offers to its customers a history of the company, as well as, an armchair history of chocolate as the "food of the gods."  There are a slew of classic chocolate baked goods in here.  What baby boomer didn't have a grandmother that made fudge with nut meats?  Based on the condition of this cookbook, this may well be where your grandmother got the recipe.

Codex Nuttall

This 1902 facsimile is one of a small number of codices of native pictography from Mexico dating to pre-Hispanic times.  The original is a screenfold manuscript comprised of 47 leaves of deer skin now in the British Museum.  It uses a kind of picture writing to relate two narratives.  One side of the screenfold tells the history of important Mixtec centers.