Clocks & Watches

Clocks and watches serve a practical function, yet they can also be incredible works of art. This stunning book features some of the finest timepieces ever created, spanning the 15th century to the present. Austrian photographer Johann Willsberger visited major museums and private collections around the world to capture the best examples from primarily French, German, Austrian, Swiss, English, and American makers. Alongside the beautiful photographs, Willsberger includes thought-provoking quotations and sayings about timepieces and about time itself.

Johann George Hartmanns, Universitäts-Mechanici zu Halle, Nöthiger Unterricht von Verbesserung der Sack-Uhren

Rare first and only edition of Hartmann's technical guide to clockmaking, issued together with an improved edition of his guide to constructing pocket-watches. The two works are embellished with 54 figures on 17 folding plates, not to mention the engraved portrait of the author, a resident clock-maker in Jena. Hartmann's third chapter is devoted to a subject evidently of wide contemporary interest — the application of clocks to astronomical measurements.