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Books Online

The Libraires offer over six thousand books available for viewing online from subjects ranging from Africa to the Zuni Indians and many things in between. Currently we feature History, Culture, Art and Design, and Special Collections directly on our website. For Natural History, check out our contributions to the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

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The Libraries physical collections comprise 1.5 million books and manuscripts, along with over 400,000 pieces of ephemera, microfilm, photo collections and a/v material, housed in over 20 locations in Washington, Maryland, New York, and Panama.

Our online collections span topics such as Trade Literature, publication by Smithsonian staff, vertical files of artists, indexes of botanists, postal history, image databases, bibliographies and more! 

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The Libraries has a history of producing both physical and online exhibitions for display in the National Museum of Natural History, the National Museum of American History and on our website. Here you can find digital versions of these and other exhibitons from our past as well as an index of all exhibitions that the Libraries has produced over the years.

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