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Once There Were Billions

June 24, 2014-October 30, 2015

Learn more about the disappearance of the passenger pigeon and other vanished birds through our exhibition and public programs.

Once There Were Billions: Vanished Birds of North America, June 24, 2014-October 30, 2015

The Galaxy of Images

The thousands of dynamic images on this site represent a broad cross section of the books and manuscripts in the collections of Smithsonian Libraries.

Ernst Heinrich Philipp August Haeckel, Kunstformen der Natur [Art Forms of Nature], 1899

Dibner Library Lecture

Laura J. Snyder's 2011 Dibner Library Lecture is now available in print. Click "More" to download.

The 2011 Dibner Lecture "The Philosofphical Breakfast Club and the Invention of the Scientist" now in print.

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