Hirshhorn Museum Library Audio Archive

The Hirshhorn Museum Library's Audio Archive is a repository of 306 digital audio files reformatted from audio cassettes ranging in date from 1969 to 2004 containing event recordings and interviews dating back to the founding days of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, interviews of renowned modern and contemporary artists, lectures and symposium focusing on significant themes in 20th century art.


E.g., Nov 26 2015
E.g., Nov 26 2015
Title Speaker Date Duration
A Conversation with David Hockney and Henry Geldzahler David Hockney, Henry Geldzahler March 19, 1979 1h 16m 42s
A Conversation with Friedel Dzubas and Charles Millard Charles Millard June 15, 1983 1h 11m 27s
A Conversation with Friends of Bill: Panel Discussion Judith Zilczer, Abram Lerner, Sidney Lawrence, Ibram Lassaw, Ernestine Lassaw, Juis Finkelstein, John McMahon October 20, 1993 1h 11m 55s
A Conversation with George Segal and James Demetrion George Segal, James T. Demetrion March 7, 1993 1h 13m 28s
A Conversation with Raphael Soyer and Abram Lerner Abram Lerner August 2, 1983 1h 4m 33s
A Slap in the Face of Public Taste: A Jubilee for David Burliuk Toshiharu Omuka May 27, 1982 5h 46m 24s
A Tribute to Joseph H. Hirshhorn August 15, 1981 3h 7m 35s
Abram Lerner Bicentennial Meeting Abram Lerner November 26, 1974 55m 34s
Abram Lerner Interview June 16, 1983 30m 13s
Abram Lerner Interview with Mike Affee Mike Affee May 31, 1983 5m 44s
Abram Lerner Interview: "At the Corcoran" WGMS September 30, 1983 8m 40s
Abram Lerner on Henry Moore, from Radio Smithsonian Abram Lerner, Radio Smithsonian September 9, 1978 12m 6s
Abram Lerner: "Aspects of 20th Century Sculpture" Abram Lerner February 24, 1974 1h 12m 45s
Abram Lerner: "Gregory Gillespie" Abram Lerner December 20, 1978 50m 59s
Abram Lerner: "Gregory Gillespie" Abram Lerner December 12, 1977 1h 3m 32s
Abram Lerner: Public Lecture on Richard Estes Abram Lerner March 12, 1979 40m 44s
Acoustiguide: "Richard Avedon Retrospective" Berkeley University Art Museum December 31, 1979 2h 40m 45s
Adrian Piper Interviewed by Ned Rifkin Ned Rifkin November 30, 1990 2h 34m 18s
Adrian Piper Lecture Adrian Piper June 18, 1991 1h 24m 47s
African-American Aesthetic in the Visual arts and Postmodernism Symposium Anne Gibson, Jeff Donaldson, Fred Wilson, Renee Stout, Ivan Karp March 29, 1991 7h 11m 41s
Agnes Martin: "In the Midst of Reality Responding with Joy" Agnes Martin December 7, 1977 1h 9m 36s
Al Lerner and Edward Merritt on Thomas Eakins Exhibition. Abram Lerner, Edward Merritt May 23, 1977 13m 23s
Al Lerner Interviewed by Sydney Lawrence Sydney Lawrence July 11, 1982 50m 33s
Alberto Giacometti NPR, Performance Today September 12, 1988 31m 2s
Alberto Giacometti Symposium Reinhold Hohl October 28, 1988 5h 51m 17s