The Age of the Aeronaut

Fantastic Worlds- Age of the Aeronaut

Aeronauts were the first voyagers and navigators of flight. Ballooning made celebrities of aeronauts, whose adventures filled newspapers, sold books, and inspired works of fiction. Flight offered a sense of freedom and a radical new frontier for exploration.
Flights of fancy did not stop with ballooning, as inventors, engineers, and scientists devised navigable airships and early planes. The search for new modes of flight continues to propel science and the imagination today.

Cover of Airopaidia- containing the narrative of a balloon excursion from Chester, the eighth of September, 1785, taken from minutes made during the voyage- hi


Baldwin, Thomas, aeronaut
Printed for the author, by J. Fletcher; and sold by W. Lowndes ... London; J. Poole, Chester; and other booksellers
Cover of Der Vogelflug als Grundlage der Fliegekunst - ein Beitrag zur Systematik der Flugtechnik

Der Vogelflug als Grundlage der Fliegekunst

Lilienthal, Otto; Lilienthal, Gustav
R. Gaertners Verlagsbuchhandlung, Hermann Heyfelder ...
Cover of Description des expériences de la machine aérostatique de MM.

Description des expériences de la machine aérostatique de MM. de Montgolfier

Faujas-de-St.-Fond, cit; Imprimerie de Chardon,; Evelyn Way Kendall Ballooning and Early Aviation Collection.
Chez Cuchet ...
Cover of Historia plantarum

Historia plantarum

Ray, John; Camel, Georg Joseph; Tournefort, Joseph Pitton de
Typis Mariæ Clark, prostant apud Henricum Faithorne [etc.]

24. English Scientific Botany

Cover of L'aventure de Nicolas Corbin

L'aventure de Nicolas Corbin

Champagne, Maurice
Librairie Ch. Delagrave ...
[between 1890 and 1910]
Cover of Le vingtième siècle - texte et dessins

Le vingtième siècle

Robida, Albert
Librairie Illustrée
Cover of The war in the air and particularly how Mr. Bert Smallways fared while it lasted

The war in the air

Wells, H. G.
G. Bell and Sons
Cover of Travels in the air.

Travels in the air c. 3

Glaisher, James; Flammarion, Camille; Fonvielle, W. de; Tissandier, Gaston; Vincent Brooks, Day & Son,
R. Bentley
Cover of With the night mail a story of 2000 A.D. - together with extracts from the contemporary magazine in which it appeared

With the night mail

Kipling, Rudyard; Leyendecker, Frank X.; Reuterdahl, Henry
Doubleday, Page & Company