Hirshhorn Audio Archive: Meetings

Hirshhorn Audio
Title Speaker Start Date Duration
Abram Lerner Bicentennial Meeting Tuesday, November 26, 1974 - 7:00pm 55m 34s
Bicentennial Banners to grace Hirshhorn Museum plaza, general press coverage Tuesday, March 30, 1976 - 7:00pm 1h 4m 12s
Frank Getlein: "Art and Politics" Monday, November 15, 1982 - 7:00pm 1h 15m 35s
Raphael Soyer Interviews for Radio Smithsonian and NPR Thursday, December 31, 1981 - 7:00pm 26m 26s
Windish Depot Monday, December 31, 1979 - 7:00pm 1h 13m 43s