World's Fairs

Image of the Women's Pavilion from 1876 Centennial International Exhibition

Books, catalogs, and ephemera from various World's Fairs and Expositions.

Most of the items in this collection were digitized by an outside vendor as part of a special project and are presented as "access copies", that is, they are to be used primarily for informational purposes and do not necessarily represent a faithful copy of the original in regards to colors, page orientation, or the artifactual nature of the original book.


Cover of Studies of Paris

Studies of Paris

De Amicis, Edmondo; Cady, Wilhelmina W.
G.P. Putnam's Sons
Cover of The book of the fair v.2

The book of the fair v.2

Bancroft, Hubert Howe
The Bancroft Company
Cover of The Centennial Exposition guide

The Centennial Exposition guide

Centennial Exhibition (1876: Philadelphia, Pa.)
Hamlin & Lawrence
Cover of The exposition babies

The exposition babies

Stellmann, Edith Kinney; Stellman, Louis J.; Panama-Pacific International Exposition San Francisco, Calif.).
H.S. Crocker
Cover of The exposition in colors

The exposition in colors

Panama-Pacific International Exposition Company
Robert A. Reid
Cover of The fine arts' courts in the Crystal Palace

The fine arts' courts in the Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace Company (Sydenham, London, England); Wyatt, M. Digby Sir; Waring, J. B.; Jameson, Mrs
Crystal Palace Library and Bradbury and Evans
Cover of The Forest city

The Forest city

Stevens, Walter B.; Rau, William Herman
Cover of The Franco-British Exhibition

The Franco-British Exhibition

Franco-British Exhibition London, England)
Hudson & Kearns
Cover of The great exhibition

The great exhibition

Sala, George Augustus
Committee of the Society for Keeping Things in Their Places
Cover of The International exhibition of 1876, a national celebration

The International exhibition of 1876, a national celebration

United States Centennial Commission
Office of the United States Centennial commission
Cover of The Jamestown Exposition

The Jamestown Exposition

Jamestown official photograph corporation.
The Corporation