About Donations

The Smithsonian Libraries promotes new ideas through sharing knowledge. We advance scientific and cultural understanding by preserving America’s heritage. Through our expanding online presence and digitization initiatives, more people are able to access our vast resources. Their demands — and our desire to make these resources available — are growing. However, the funding we require to meet these needs is increasingly constrained. We invite you to explore the amazing resources of the Smithsonian Libraries and to contribute to a specific library or program, which aligns to your interests and curiosity. Invest in our important role to maintain and extend America’s place in the world’s scientific and cultural forums.

The Smithsonian Campaign — the first Institution-wide campaign in our history — will transform one of the nation’s greatest assets into a 21st-century catalyst for change. Through investments in people, places, programs and treasures, we will tell America’s story, spark discovery, inspire lifelong learning and use technologies to reach people everywhere.

Smithsonian Libraries Campaign Priorities

Acquisitions and Preservation
Investments in endowments to support acquisitions and conservation ensure the Libraries can provide current resources, as well as preserve cherished written works.

Broadening Access Through Digitization & Education
An investment in digitizing our collections ensures that the Libraries stays as accessible and relevant tomorrow as it is today.

Gifts to support exhibitions allow the Smithsonian Libraries to build public awareness for its vast holdings and provide education opportunities for students.

Fellowships & Internships
An investment in fellowships ensures scholars will use the Libraries’ collections to share new knowledge with their institutions and publish works, which offer insight into our past.

You Deserve to be Recognized

Gifts of all levels contribute to the success of the Smithsonian Libraries.  Donors who support the Libraries on an annual basis are invited to participate in the Smithsonian Libraries Society.

All donors will receive acknowledgment from the Smithsonian Libraries, as well as a tax receipt from the Smithsonian Institution.

If you would like to make your donation in honor of or in memory of someone, please indicate this during checkout.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Allie Swislocki
Advancement Officer